PictureWelcome to my Online Portfolio!


In my study to become a building constructor with international competencies and my work at a hotel in Aalborg centre with a lot international guests I easily get motivated by different people and friends with each their own background as for example culture, religion, job or education which still are coming together crosswise on just one place.


Through my previous education as a joiner/carpenter and employment I had access to the most private space from people and especially the different cultures had impact on my job choices. I like different cultures and backgrounds a lot.


With developing a higher interest for the building industry and architecture through my education as a carpenter/joiner I’m interested in the technical issues but also the sustainable point of view for the society.

Through my education as a building constructor I’m also very interested in to experience and observe the different ways how we handle and deal with the way of looking at problems and solve them. Here the new technic of Building information modelling (BIM) gives a good explanation and analysis how we do and maybe should do in the future.


The building industry and the way how to build is always related to the areas and inviroments in small or in bigger scales besides the needs for the users.

I experienced quite alot the northern part of Europe especially scandinavia. So I decided when it comes to the indoor and outdoor climate for buildings to take on studying abroad on an Erasmus semester in Spain to observe the difference compared to the climate and building culture which was a great experience. 


I had the previleg to work on an interesting project in Barcelona which contained the calculation and optimization of prefabricated build solutions in building complexes in cooperation with the university and an architect company which was responsible for building activities in the district. Special thanks to my supervisors Inmaculada Rodriguez and Emili Hormias Laperal.


My next challenge was to learn and contribute my knowledge back in Scandinavia to the award winning company SHL - schmidt hammer lassen architects in Copenhagen during an internship. Here I gained especially experience in the design processes and creation of sustainable and user friendly building solutions while working on a hospitality project of approximately 33.000m2 located in the suth of Copenhagen.




In general I hope I can use the observed knowledge to continue on my future development, personally and workwise to contribute it for the companies in the building industry which are creating always with the focus on how we as human beeings want and gonna live in the future.



The areas I gained experience in through my study


  • To implement site or process management
  • Calculate and elaborate budget estimates
  • Ensure and perform quality assurance
  • Prepare for tendering and quality assurance schedules
  • Participate in construction- , project- ,  planning- and monitoring meetings
  • Perform economy monitoring
  • Develop production drawings


  • To project in Autodesk Revit Architecture (Especially "BIM - Building information modelling" working methodology)
  • Develop plan- and interior drawings
  • Contribute with great knowledge in low energy building construction (Energy performance calculation and optimization)
  • Having know-how in sustainable building construction
  • Cradle to Cradle components (focus on rammed earth, wood, hempcrete and glass)
  • Passive and natural ventilation principles
  • Different Urban green facades and green roof systems
  • Prepare outline, scheme design and model building material
  • Produce construction drawings and high-resolution renderings
  • Connecting and negotiate in the dialog between the authorities
  • Attend in project coordinating meetings between engineer and architect
  • Creating geodata plans with levels and landmarks
  • Produce Keypoint drawings and project discriptions
  • Produce plan- , section- , and facade drawings
  • Observe quality assurance in all stages of a building project
  • Perform component analysis and chosing right materials
  • To develop projects in 3D
  • Participate at the construction site supervision
  • Designing the construction site plan


The computer programs I have experience in


Microsoft Office package and Microsoft Project 2014

Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk 3d's Max design

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign

Google Sketchup Pro

Lumion & GIMP

Tekla Structural Designer

Sigma Enterprise



Languages I speak


Fluently German, fluently Danish, fluently English, a bit French and a bit Spanish